Windows 7's XP Mode Hits Release Candidate

Back in April, along with the launch of the Windows 7 Release Candidate build 7100, Microsoft also released a beta for the XP Mode that runs Windows XP in a virtualized environment inside Windows 7 for compatibility purposes.

Today the XP Mode has hit release candidate and is now available for download. Those running the Windows 7 RC or RTM (Professional and Ultimate licenses only) will be able to test drive the XP Mode RC.

As listed on the Windows Team Blog, new in the XP Mode RC are:

  • You can now attach USB devices to Windows XP Mode applications directly from the Windows 7 task-bar. This means your USB devices, such as printers and flash drives, are available to applications running in Windows XP Mode, without the need to go into full screen mode.
  • You can now access Windows XP Mode applications with a “jump-list”. Right click on the Windows XP Mode applications from the Windows 7 task bar to select and open most recently used files.
  • You now have the flexibility of customizing where Windows XP Mode differencing disk files are stored.
  • You can now disable drive sharing between Windows XP Mode and Windows 7 if you do not need that feature.
  • The initial setup now includes a new user tutorial about how to use Windows XP Mode.

Download: Windows XP Mode Release Candidate

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  • griffed88
    Thats nice that they are including what is essentially windows xp bundled into 7, but it seems like it would be nuisance and a pain to have to switch to xp mode just to get something running. It would be nice if they would just automatically have compatibility built in. But then again, if its too old to run on windows 7 its probably about time to upgrade that piece of software.
  • captaincharisma
    how would it be a nuisance? the only time you would have to launch windows XP VM would be to install the program. after that you don't even have to go into the xp VM. all you have to do is go into windows 7 start menu and launch the program from there.
  • bootleghooch
    Most programs run fine in windows 7 anyway. This is only for some oddball programs out there.