Windows Holographic Updated, HoloLens Commercial Suite Announced

Just months ago, Microsoft added its first major update to Windows Holographic, the software accompanying the HoloLens. The second major update arrived today along with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft boasted that this update provides the fastest and most reliable version of Holographic so far.

Developers have shown us the surface of Mars, ships and Spartans from Halo, and everything in between using HoloLens. Seeing the potential in HoloLens, companies asked for a way to implement it in their ecosystems. To that end, alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft announced the HoloLens Commercial Suite.

The HoloLens Commercial Suite includes the Development Kit and a number of enterprise features. In particular, there’s a new kiosk mode that limits the apps HoloLens runs, which is useful when showcasing demos to users. Added security features include BitLocker data encryption and secure booting. Azure Active Directory will give users easy identity and access management.

A number of features are aimed at connecting HoloLens to an enterprise’s ecosystem. For example, Mobile Device Management allows businesses to manage multiple HoloLens headsets at once, and businesses will have company-wide control over OS updates for the devices. With a HoloLens, users may access their corporate network through a VPN or connect to their company’s Wi-Fi networks. A company may even create its own private store for select HoloLens headets.

The Commercial Suite will include the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, a clicker, a carrying case, a microfiber cloth, a charger and one Micro-USB 2.0 cable.

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  • wifiburger
    lol oh my ! can't wait for this kinect 3.0 to crash and burn into the ground
  • alextheblue
    2194042 said:
    lol oh my ! can't wait for this kinect 3.0 to crash and burn into the ground lmao

    Troll harder. There's really nothing else quite on the level of HoloLens right now (in the AR field). It has no direct competition. Plus it's easy to develop for. UWP apps can run on it... the UWP version of VLC was demo'd on HoloLens, and that's an open source project. The sky is the limit, whatever developers can think of, they can do. VR is great for some things, notably gaming, but in general AR is truly the future. Newer iterations of the hardware and software will continue to push the envelope! Kudos to MS to help push this even in the early days when it's not mass-market.
  • falchard
    Hololens pretty much secures augmented reality support for Windows Mobile into the future since all the applications that work on Hololens would work with a Windows Phone.