Windows 8 to Get Time Machine-like History Vault

Keeping a backup of your data is a hugely important rule to almost all sorts of computing. While cloud computing through something like Chrome OS helps take care of that for casual applications, until everything is cloud-based users will need to take care of things for themselves.

According to winrumors, a new feature that might make it into Windows 8 is something that will potentially be called History Vault. The new feature will supposedly make use of the Shadow Copies that Windows makes when files are modified.

History Vault could end up working much like Apple's Time Machine feature for Mac OS X, which keeps a record of all files added, deleted and modified. Users of Time Machine can browse back to see a file's history and restore it to the present system state. Time Machine also keeps a complete copy of the system for full backup and migration purposes.

It's a handy feature for Mac users, and something like it would be a great addition to Windows.

Discuss more about this and other Windows 8 features here!

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  • pelov
    are we talking phone booth or something along the lines of a wormhole?
  • bison88
    Sounds good and a long time in the making. I know MS would rather be the "innovator" rather than the replicator, but it doesn't help anybody when they ignore great ideas and features in competing OSes just because they didn't think of it and get it implemented first.
  • ProDigit10
    Great, again a space waster on windows!
    If they could keep the modifications safe, that would be a huge difference, eg: of a certain text file, only keep the data that was modified, and where it goes. Then compress that data.

    I'm not too fond of having a WIndows 8, taking up 6GB of disk space, and an additional 14GB of data that can only expand, take CPU and HD cycles!

    Man,are the good guys at MS gone, and now there are only gadget geeks doing the programming?

    "Less is more" does not seem to count with MS.
    They're only satisfied by bringing an OS that no system can run due to it's complexity, and stuff people really don't need!

    I don't call this innovation, I call this degeneration!