XSPC Announces Low Cost “Blade” GPU Block Lineup, Shows Sneak Peak At RX 480 Block

XSPC announced that it is launching a new lineup GPU blocks. The Blade series of GPU blocks is designed to deliver the same performance as the company’s flagship Razor blocks at a lower price point. The company will launch the series with its AMD RX 480 full cover block next week.

XSPC’s Razor series blocks feature solid copper bases and tops, and they include an acrylic layer under an aluminum cover. The acrylic layer is designed to be illuminated with embedded LED lights. The Blade series is a much simpler design. XSPC hasn’t released the details yet, but it showed rendered preview images of the first Blade series block. The renderings lead us to believe that the bases will be solid copper, and the tops will be made of aluminum.

XSPC appears to have kept the cost to a minimum by removing the acrylic layer and the LEDs. The Blade series blocks are also limited to two vertical ports. The Razor series includes a multiport attachment, which is better for intricate loop configurations. The Blade series appears to be suited for basic loops.

XSPC said that the first Blade series blocks will be released next week. We’re not sure if there will be other models available, but the company’s RX 480 full-cover block will be among the first SKUs. The price has not yet been announced.

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  • lucas_7_94
    Small and lovely. I like it!
  • problematiq
    I don't use ATI cards but that is one sexy GPU block.
  • Kenneth Barker
    A $100+ (most likely) for mid range card that sells for $240? I would much rather get a better cooler running card for that money difference. Say a 1070?

    Who the heck is dropping $200 graphics card/cards in an open loop cooled machine??
  • bak0n
    Ya. Issue there if you are paying the same for an RX480 as you are a vanilla 1070. Unless there is some INSANE overclocking that gets enabled by the temp drops (and it contains enough pins).
  • turkey3_scratch
    18204060 said:
    I don't use ATI cards but that is one sexy GPU block.

    Renderings always look nice.
  • Blaskotron
    $200 for 480 plus $60 est. for this "budget" block.

    $260 vs $420 for 1070 not water cooled.
  • Pompompaihn
    From what I've seen so far in reviews, there's pretty much zero overclock room left power wise on the card with reference builds....are you really gaining anything out of increasing the cooling potential? Why not just spend more on a higher end card?
  • jalebi2000
    There seems to be a issue with bois. The card us pulling more power than it should and it's throttling as a result. Thus review has the fixed bois I believe and it's much much faster and using only 116w max load. Still couldn't oc well though
  • Turb0Yoda
    Holy **** XSPC is still alive?!?!
    Pretty happy, I've always loved their blocks.
  • XSPC
    The top is made from stainless steel. We also have a GTX1080/1070 version coming next week.