Zalman's New ZM-DF12 Fans Have Hub Control Button

Zalman has announced a new fan – the ZM-DF12. This is the company's flagship fan, and its design differs from traditional fans in a number of ways.

For starters, the fan's blade and motor hub assembly is mounted to the fan frame from the opposite side as compared to traditional fans. Also on that side users find the 3-way fan control, which can change the blade's rotation speeds from 800 RPM to 1200 RPM or 1600 RPM. Due to this hub being up front, it might be difficult or impossible to mount this fan in certain positions. The blades are also different, as they are split, which Zalman calls a "Dual Impeller" design. The idea behind this is to hold on to more airflow while the fan spins at lower RPMs.

At the full 1600 RPM the fan will push 63.76 CFM of air while making 33 dBA of noise. As those numbers aren't very impressive, we do hope that they are better at lower speeds. The minimum noise level is provided as 18 dBA, though the company gave no minimum airflow number. Power is brought to the fan through a standard 3-pin connector, and the fans do not support PWM.

No official word on pricing yet, though it has been spotted for about £15/€15, so we expect it to cost about $20 in the US.

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  • jossrik
    20$ for a fan seems like a premium price to me. Doesn't seem special, especially since you don't see the blades when they spin, they have to perform well, from the article, these don't seem to move a lot of air for not a lot of noise.
  • vmem
    33dBA at 1600 RPM is supposed to be quiet o.O there are SO MANY fans on the market quieter than that
  • Zepid
    You can tell these fans are good because the blade is shaped like a lightning bolt! Now all we need is some flames painted on for more power and maybe a little chrome.