Zotac Unveils Its Trio Of GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards

Zotac revealed a trio of top-tier GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP and AMP Extreme come with Zotac’s own premium coolers installed, whereas the standard GTX 1080 Ti from Zotac without any extra nomenclature comes with a simple blower style cooler.

The GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme comes with a large triple-slot cooler that uses three 90mm fans to dissipate the heat drawn to the fin stack through the direct-contact copper heatpipes. The back end of the card comes with a neat backplate, and it's topped off with Spectra lighting, which is Zotac’s take on RGB lighting.  At a more sensible tier, the GTX 1080 Ti AMP comes with a dual-slot cooler with two 100mm fans, also packing direct contact heatpipes. It also comes with the Spectra lighting feature.

Zotac hasn't decided on clock speeds for the cards yet. All we know is that the GTX 1080 Ti AMP will have its GDDR5X memory run at the stock frequency, although that does suggest a (slight) memory overclock on the AMP Extreme card. Both should overclock well with a 16+2 phase VRM power design.

The Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is the most affordable of the bunch, featuring an Nvidia reference PCB and a simple blower-style cooler. You could argue that Zotac should’ve sold a Founder’s Edition card with the updated Nvidia cooler, but that's actually quite costly to implement despite its blower-style design, so Zotac’s own design should make this one of the more affordable GTX 1080 Ti variants on the market. With a standard Nvidia PCB design, it’ll also be a good option for those who intend on throwing water blocks onto the card. Why pay for an expensive cooler you’re not going to use?

So far, that’s all we know about Zotac’s line of 1080 Ti cards. You can learn more about the GTX 1080 Ti in our review of the Nvidia Founder's Edition card.

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ProductGTX 1080 Ti AMP ExtremeGTX 1080 Ti AMPGTX 1080 Ti
GPUGTX 1080 TiGTX 1080 TiGTX 1080 Ti
CUDA Cores3,5843,5843,584
Memory ClockTBD11Gbps11Gbps
GPU Boost ClockTBDTBD1,582MHz
PCI Express3.03.03.0

Update, 3/10/17, 8:55pm PT: Fixed typos. 3/11/17, 7:50am: Changed headline.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • Green_4
    You are speaking about "Huge, Acceptable, And Affordable" ... without any prices listed .... hhhrrrr
  • ykki
    How do you define an "acceptable" card?
  • anthony_188
    No price givin, free then?
  • chaosmassive
    'affordable' and 'nVidia', when you try to put those two words together
    it never end well
  • jpishgar
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    In this particular instance, I'm sure the additional salient details are forthcoming, considering the reveal was just made. You will be made aware once we have the information. In the interim, remember that in article commentary and the forums, civility is compulsory - and this protects the quality of your experience here as well as safeguarding our ability to keep a clean, decent area reserved for discussion, troubleshooting, and speculation.


  • SinxarKnights
    The cheapest is $699 USD. same price as others of different brands. Not sure that qualifies as "affordable".
  • The Paladin
    well if the 1080ti is similarly priced as the 1080... I would not call it affordable, unless Zotac decides to run with the market and price it as a 1070 ;)
  • gadgety
    As a warm reminder, please keep your comments civil. We welcome criticism and feedback, but do ask that you keep it constructive.

    I perceive your heading as click bait because you state "affordable" without having any information on price. So you assume a low price, but it's still an assumption. So the constructive feedback is don't include reference to pricing unless it's based on fact, as in published prices.
  • mapesdhs
    No sign of the "affordable" Zotac model here (UK), Scan just has the usual FE type Zotac, which is more expensive than other FEs, and hardly affordable since it's more than $900 equivalent. The $700 I keep reading is amusing. In the US, maybe; elsewhere, no.

    I've also read numerous times on review sites that partner cards would have the same $700 RRP target. Um, nope; ignoring the annoying markup, the ones on Scan currently range from 730 UKP to 800 UKP, vs. the normal FEs which are 700 to 720 UKP (no stock of partner cards of course, all just pre-order).
  • warmon6
    19409539 said:
    In this particular instance, I'm sure the additional salient details are forthcoming, considering the reveal was just made. You will be made aware once we have the information

    No disrespect JP and the author but if someone puts "affordable" in a title of a article without a price for a product being discussed and/or shown, it doesn't matter if it was just announced today, last year, or an early announcement for something launching tomorrow. It's still a click-bait title without a price and I wish Tom's wouldn't do that.

    Using click-bait titles to me will start to make any tech web site be viewed as a rumor mill site (saying no names...), which Tom's is not. Tom's shouldn't have a need to use such a low tactic as this is a respectable site.

    On top of that, the word affordable with these high end cards (to me) means at least "cheaper than MSRP". Which is about the loosest form of affordable that I believe one person could use. With no price, how can we be sure it will be affordable and not be above MSRP? This would not only make the article a click-bait but also would make Tom's hardware site look like a fool.

    The title would of been just fine if it said "Zotac Unveils Its Huge GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards" and make a second article later on about price. It's in line with the article and doesn't fool someone into thinking that you're going to be listing a price in it.

    Now i wont say with a changed title, you wont see people complaining about not listing a price because you will see some still would (complainers have to complain about something...). Although if the title doesn't use words that hint at pricing like this one, those that complain wont have ground to stand on and the community can downvote and hide comments like these.

    The title of the article has been changed since this post, Please look at scolaner post down below.