Galax brings blower-style cooling to new RTX 4070 Super and 4070 Ti Super cards

New Galax RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super Blower-Style SKUs
(Image credit: VideoCardz)

Galax has unveiled a pair of new RTX 4070 Super graphics cards featuring a blower-style cooling solution. (The news was first reported by VideoCardz,) The two new cards come in RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4070 TI Super flavors, sporting a matte black finish and a dual-slot form factor featuring a blower-style fan at the rear. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

Blower-style coolers have lost much of their appeal in the modern GPU era thanks to the ever-increasing power draw of the best graphics cards for gaming. However, the lowly blower-style cooler still has its own place and is used extensively in the professional/server GPU market, where you will find nothing but blower-style cards.

The key trait of blower-style solutions is their ability to eject all intake air out of the case through the GPU shroud and heatsink without any help from chassis fans. This makes them excellent cooler solutions for airflow-restricted chassis since the graphics card itself takes responsibility for ejecting all of its own hot air out of the case. This is very different from typical consumer gaming graphics cards, where the cooler will spit out hot air from all three sides of the card, forcing the chassis fans to deal with the heat.

The advantages afforded by blower-style coolers make them the de facto cooling solution for servers and high-end systems comprised of multiple GPUs. They allow server chassis to be optimized for space and prevent GPUs from overheating in multi-GPU configurations.

Galax' new RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super blower-style graphics cards reportedly use the same cooler specs. Both feature a maximum length of 280 mm and a perfect two-slot thickness, making them the perfect GPUs for stacking two, three, or even four cards together in a single machine.

The blower-style cooler on both models utilizes a semi-flow-through design, where air can pass through the rear PCB via three cutouts. But the bulk of the airflow will be pushed onto the central heatsink, then exhausted out the back of the card where four large exhaust vents are located. At the rear, you will also find three DisplayPort connectors and a single HDMI connector.

While you can use these cards for gaming, obviously, these two new graphics cards are geared toward professionals who need the benefits of a blower-style cooler. The one key drawback of blower-style cards is their inability to outperform alternative dual-fan and triple-fan cooler designs. This is why blower-style fans are virtually non-existent in the consumer GPU landscape.

That said, we don't expect these GPUs to have serious cooling issues. Both GPUs run on Nvidia's power-efficient Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, with the 4070 Ti Super running at 285W, and the 4070 Super 220W. Both TDPs represent roughly the same power consumption as Nvidia's blower-style Titan cards from several years ago. The RTX 4070 Super variant boosts up to 2,475MHz and features 7,168 CUDA cores with 12GB of memory, while the RTX 4070 Ti Super variant boosts up to 2,610MHz and boasts 16GB of memory along with 8,448 CUDA cores.

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  • Metal Messiah.
    My last blower-type GPU was the GTX 970 from Zotac ! Was a bit noisy but worked pretty well in my small and compact cabinet.

    Despite Nvidia being against blower type cards, it appears few AIBs including Galax are bold enough to get these on the market for professionals. These could be china-exclusive SKUs, though this has yet to be confirmed.

    16-pin 12VHPWR connector for a blower card ?
  • kealii123
    Man, I want one so badly. Other than the likely obscene pricing these are going to have, they are perfect for portable eGPU solutions.
  • FoxTread3
    May 23, 2024 - First of all, I would like to say Happy Buddha's Birthday. 🙏:giggle:I never really thought about it being a blower type GPU, but I have an EVGA original Titan card running my Windows 10 desktop PC. All of my other GPUs have, or had multiple fans. My next GPU will be a RTX 4070 Ti Super when one of my present GPUs "gives up the 👻ghost". :giggle: Stay well all.