TeamGroup adds magnets to T-Force Siren AIO CPU cooler line for easy PC customization

TeamGroup T-Force Siren DP360 ARGB
(Image credit: TeamGroup)

TeamGroup, known for its SSDs and T-Force RAM sticks, recently introduced three new AIO coolers with a built-in magnet on the water block. This new design allows custom PC builders to easily attach an LCD screen or ARGB module to the CPU cooler, making orientation and installation a breeze.

As announced by TeamGroup, the magnetic water block design is available on the T-Force Siren DP360 ARGB, GA360M ARGB, and GA240M ARGB AIO coolers, giving enthusiasts three models to choose from. The DP360 comes with the optional magnetic LCD screen with a 480 x 480-pixel resolution and offers 16.8 million colors, allowing you to get the best visuals out of it. On the other hand, the GA360M and GA240M models have the optional ARGB module, allowing you to customize the color of the water block (or even remove the ARGB module for a more minimalist look).

Aside from these aesthetic improvements, the DP360 ARGB features the 8th-generation Asetek pump, designed for the latest generation AMD and Intel processors known for their high operating temperatures. It also features a thicker radiator at 30 mm, making it more efficient at removing heat from your CPU.

These new AIO coolers come with 120 mm ARGB PWM fans, with three fans on models with the 360 mm radiator and two for those equipped with 240 mm radiators. Furthermore, all the fans are compatible with the most 'popular' RGB control apps, including Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0, and MSI Mystic Light, among others, allowing your PC’s lighting effects to stay in sync, no matter what brands your other components have.

TeamGroup said these new AIO coolers will become available in Q3 2024 on Amazon, Newegg, and other major retailers. Furthermore, you can purchase them with or without the optional LCD or ARGB modules, allowing you to save on costs if you do not want these extra accessories. However, we have no word yet whether TeamGroup will sell the LCD or ARGB modules separately, which would allow you to upgrade your desktop build later.

TeamGroup’s new magnetic water block feature is likely just for aesthetics and ease of assembly, but it probably needed something to differentiate its new AIO from its former offerings. After all, a new water pump doesn’t seem as exciting to PC builders as new colorful screens, no matter how important it might be at helping keep temps down. Nevertheless, we want to see how they would perform against their competitors (and how much TeamGroup would price them) to see if the new T-Force AIO coolers are worth the cost of the extra features.

Our last TeamGroup review looked closely at the T-Force Siren Duo 360, which added an SSD cooling block traditional AiO CPU cooler setup.  We thought it was one of the best cooling solutions for powerful CPUs paired with PCIe 5 SSD storage, but the product got marked down for being very expensive.

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