Crucial's hyper-fast 4TB T700 PCIe Gen 5 SSD drops to its lowest-ever price of 9 cents per GB

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One of the fastest consumer SSDs we've tested to date, the Crucial T700, has dropped in price to its lowest-ever price since its release. With a massive 4TB of capacity and blazing-fast speeds, it's a great piece of tech if you must have the best kit in your rig. The T700 uses a PCIe Gen 5 connection to edge out older Gen 4 and Gen 3 SSDs, making it our current speed champion at the time of review. Another plus is that this drive is optimized for Microsoft's DirectStorage technology, helping to free up extra CPU workload.

You can grab this SSD deal at Amazon, where the 4TB Crucial T700 is available for its lowest-ever price of $362. If the absolute fastest isn't your priority, you can of course get a much better price for a 4TB Gen 4 SSD and save yourself $100, but this is the latest and greatest and therefore still holds a price premium - at the moment at least. At its current $362 price tag, you're paying 9 cents per GB.

For more information, performance charts, and benchmark testing results, you should check out our review of the 4TB Crucial T700. We awarded this superfast SSD 4.5 stars and noted its good all-around sustained performance. However, some negatives of this drive are its high power consumption and heat generation, which does seem to be a common factor for current Gen 5 SSDs. 

Crucial T700 4TB Gen 5 M.2 NVMe SSD: now $362 at Amazon

Crucial T700 4TB Gen 5 M.2 NVMe SSD: now $362 at Amazon (was $599)

On release, the Crucial T700 was the fastest available SSD, and even now it's one of the fastest available drives with blazing-fast sequential read/write speeds of 12400/11800MB/s. Using Micron's 232-layer TLC NAND3, this large capacity 4TB drive is ideal for storing your games library of large files such as 8K video. 

The Crucial T700 boasts sequential read speeds of 12,400 MB/s and sequential write speeds of 11,800 MB/s. Crucial uses a 232-layer Micron TLC NAND3 and a Phison E26 controller, and promises endurance of 2,500TB written on the 4TB model. The company also includes a 5-year warranty.

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  • HideOut
    I thought there were 15Gb/s drives out?
  • Conor Stewart
    In the UK it is reduced too but only down to £479, down from £599.99.

    So still a good reduction but still not a great price, nowhere near the deal you guys are getting in the US.
  • Li Ken-un
    Crucial's hyper-fast 4TB T700 PCIe Gen 5
    Ah, so the T700 is “hyper”-fast. What is the T705 then?