Add comfort to your low-profile keyboard setup for just $11 with Logitech's MX Palm Rest

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If you want to help protect yourself from a repetitive strain injury from using a keyboard and mouse daily there are a few options to help you achieve this. Besides just taking regular breaks you want to ensure your setup has good ergonomics so that your joints aren't already placed in a compromising position to help exacerbate any potential injuries. For keyboard use, you should use the keyboard feet for height adjustment and use a wrist/palm support. Today's deal is a palm rest designed for use with thinner keyboards.

At Amazon, you can purchase the Logitech MX Palm Rest for MX Keys for just $11, almost half the price of its original $19 price tag. Coming in a graphite gray color, the Logitech MX palm rest is a thin pad that measures just 8mm thick and features memory foam padding for some extra comfort when typing for prolonged periods and a non-slip base to stop the pad moving when in use.

At just 8mm depth I doubt there's that much memory foam inside that it's going to be the most comfortable palm rest in existence, but the point of this particular rest is that it's designed to be used with thin keyboards such as the Logitech MX Keys S, to help keep a balanced ergonomic typing position to avoid any extra strain in your forearms, wrists, and hands.

Logitech MX Palm Rest: now $11 at Amazon

Logitech MX Palm Rest: now $11 at Amazon (was $19)

The Logitech MX palm rest for MX Keys is a thin wrist/palm rest designed for use with thin low-profile keyboards. Offering support whilst keeping good musculoskeletal ergonomics to avoid repetitive strain injuries and increase comfort for long typing sessions. 

With a non-slip base, easy-to-clean material, and comfortable memory foam padding, the Logitech MX palm rest measures just 8mm deep.

At the full price of nearly $20, the Logitech MX palm rest is certainly charging a brand tax, but at this reduced price, it's more in line with what a wrist/palm rest should cost. So if you are the owner of a super-thin keyboard and have struggled to find a thinner pad for your setup, this could be a great option for you.

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