Cherry joins 8,000 Hz polling rate crowd with XTRFY M64 Pro and M68 Pro wireless gaming mice

Cherry Mice
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Cherry, the German-based company famed for computer input devices and switches, has announced two new families of high-performance Cherry XTRFY wireless gaming mice at CES 2024. The M64 Pro features an ergonomic design to better adapt to the contour of your palm (if you’re right-handed), while the M68 Pro has a symmetrical design suitable for lefties or righties.

However, the big news comes with the “Pro” variants, which support an ultra-fast 8,000 Hz wireless polling rate thanks to Pixart’s 3395 sensor. Most companies offer 4,000 Hz for wireless and 8,000 Hz with a wired connection (like the Glorious Model D 2 Pro). However, Razer previously breached the 8,000 Hz barrier, and now Cherry looks to do the same.

To be honest, it’s a bit surprising that Cherry is jumping straight into 8,000 Hz polling rates -- something most gamers aren't really clamoring for – given that it’s a relatively new name in the mouse business and hasn’t really made a mark as the gaming mice to buy (or anything close to that… yet). It’s definitely a bold move for a small player, but we’ll see how it works out for them.

The M64 Pro and M68 Pro are offered in black or white but are otherwise very basic. My first impression of the mice is that they are very light (55 grams) but pretty slippery. So, despite the lightness, I felt as if I might drop them. Each features a 350 mAh battery that’s good for 90 hours of usage per charge.

When it is time to recharge, the charging port is interestingly on the side of the mouse instead of the front (as it is in most mice). While this isn’t an issue if you plan to charge while you’re away from your computer, it could be a bit cumbersome when trying to charge and game simultaneously. With that said, at least the charging port isn’t on the bottom of the mouse (I'm looking at you, Apple).

Cherry says that the M64 Pro and M68 Pro will launch in Q2 2024, priced at $139. The company will also offer the M64 and M68 (minus the Pro designation) for $99. These two mice look exactly like their more expensive counterparts but max out with a 1000Hz polling rate. These lesser models are also available in one additional color: blue.

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  • kano1337
    Mmm, they are quite resemblent of the evergreen Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1a mouses.
    Looking at the white one this was my first thought.
    But that is not a disadvantage, that is a classic and proven shape. With low enough weight,
    I would definitely try these, if I would need a new mouse.
    The green-dark color scheme is quite nice too.

    I was able to use both of the the side buttons of the 1.1a without accidental clicks, while maintaining a nice grip, despite of them being placend on both sides and being quite soft. I still miss such feature on modern mouses. I think the two buttons being placed on one side is a bit of a disadvantage sometimes. I have played Counter-strike at a semi pro level, and would have used the 1.1a for very long if that being available. Technology improved a lot since then, but imo that still would be decent and far from a letdown. Especially for that price :XD
  • SSGBryan
    Get back with me when someone starts making left-handed gaming mice.