20 Mice That Shock And Awe (But Mostly Shock)

The Jet Aircraft

The Jet Fighter Aircraft USB optical mouse not only looks cool, but might actually serve as a decent gaming mouse with a resolution of 1,200 DPI, two standard buttons, and a scroll wheel serving as the cockpit window. While it could certainly use a few more inputs, the device is surprisingly inexpensive, costing a mere $7.76.

"Put your hand on top of the wings and feel it sink into the mouse," reads the product description. Unlike other odd mice we've seen so far, this device's ergonomic design appears to be at least fairly comfortable. Other bells and whistles include extra LED lighting, to give it a bit more flair, a choice of two aircraft colors (black or red), and support for Windows 98 through Vista.

So why would gamers avoid this mouse? That's a good question. It's probably a device you'd want to leave behind when attending a LAN party, at the very least. It might look a little silly sitting next to more serious PC gaming peripherals. The Jet Fighter mouse could be a distraction too, tempting users to zoom it over the desk like a toy airplane.

Ugly Hand

What is this thing? A partial hand? A detached set of teeth growing a pair of thumbs? Whatever it is, it's not pretty. In fact, this ugly mouse is pretty much the anti-Choco Mouse, keeping females a fair distance from your desk, guaranteed.

While its origin is unknown, the device sports a lighter shade of skin complete with a tattoo, veins, and hair. The nails are eerily realistic. Someone needs to either file or clip those nails pronto, as they will likely cut someone or trigger a gag reflex at your next fragfest.

Turn the mouse over and you'll find the optical laser...mounted within a gaping mouth. The modder took extra care to model a real set of teeth and lips, adding a but of tasty tooth decay under the laser's mount. The USB cable exiting this creepy mound of flesh even looks like a pair of drainage tubes.

The PC Dog

As the image indicates, EverGreen Japan's Dog Mouse just doesn't seem practical as a gaming peripheral (or any other sort, for that matter), nor does it look ergonomically sound, even for the most basic of PC functions. Instead, this peripheral is more of a collector's item for canine lovers, offering different breeds in different poses as they slouch behind their individual desks. On a technical level, the mouse looks very basic, with the whole circular platform under the figurine serving as one huge mouse button. Should gamers avoid this mouse? Most definitely.

The Minty Mouse

This is another mouse that came into existence simply because it could be done. According to the modder, the Minty Altoids Mouse's overall construction took around four hours to complete and is made out of an Altoids tin, a Logitech USB optical mouse, a Dremel tool, a mini-hack saw, two-part epoxy, and random plastic bits.

The mod actually looks rather simple, while the end result isn't something you'd want to use in Modern Warfare 2. At first glace, it appears that the mod only offers a protruding mouse wheel. However, upon further inspection of photos uploaded to Flickr, it looks as though he used the two-part epoxy to create makeshift button pads that touch the circuit board.

If anything, this project should inspire new and experienced modders to think beyond the standard mouse design.

Mus2 Cursor Mouse

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to turn a cursor into a wireless optical mouse. The Mus2 looks rather slick, sporting a plastic hull that feels like suede to the touch. Obviously, the peripheral isn't exactly gaming material, especially since it only offers two small mouse buttons at the tip. Still, its unusual shape would make for a great conversation piece, and could be quite helpful when you're trying to give someone directions.

At the hardware level, the laser provides a resolution of 800 DPI and is powered by two AAA batteries. Apparently, there's also a built-in power indicator in the handle that lights up when the batteries are low or need replacing. The creators boast that the Mus2 fits well in the hand, and doesn't cause any discomfort.

Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse

Either this mouse is utterly cool or it's utterly distracting, depending on the situation. Disguised as a non-ergonomic optical mouse, this Transformers clone can quickly turn into some kind of robotic dinosaur contraption that will surely lure in pesky kids and nibbling cats.

Would it be ideal for gaming? As a mouse, it seems fairly basic, with an 800 DPI resolution, two buttons, and a scroll wheel. As the Trypticon, the device is probably worthless, unless you have other toys hanging out on the desk that need a friend.

Interested mouse collectors be warned: this peripheral doesn't come cheap; it sports a hefty $62.99 price tag (and it's on sale). The reseller also warns that the product is for adult collectors, and may contain sharp points, small parts, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 16 years of age. If that's the case, you might as well slap on an AO rating and shove it on the shelf next to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Car Tire Mouse

This design is somewhat comical, even though it's just a tire-shaped mouse (opens in new tab). Why is it so funny? It's a tire. It's not a mouse version of an Imperial Star Destroyer or the BFG 9000 gun from Doom. It's a tire--and a boring, unmarked one at that. Still, the device probably sells just for its originality, and it probably only works well for the basic necessities (like checking email, loading up Hulu, or uploading drunken pictures of your friends to Facebook). PC gaming is undoubtedly out of the question.

Although the specifics are minimal, the device offers the standard two buttons and a scroll wheel. The product description indicates that, like an actual tire, the mouse is made of rubber and stainless steel. Ultimately, this would be a cool gift for racing fans.

Super Slim USB Mouse

The Super Slim is probably one of the more unique designs we've seen in this batch of mice, sporting a large button mounted on a black top and a transparent red chassis with a similarly-colored mouse wheel mounted on the side. The shape looks futuristic, as if the designer pulled some inspiration from a sci-fi movie. The button itself is patented with a front/rear operation, turning one button into two.

As a gaming mouse, it could actually work. After all, console gamers can play first-person shooters just fine using a similarly-shaped Wii Remote (although the former device is more rounded). Then again, it may be awkward to move across the desk, and could very well tire the hand muscles after a while.

The Super Slim measures 3.23" x 0.94" x 0.71", weighs around 3.17 oz., and features a resolution of 800 DPI. It's also rather inexpensive, at $11.08 with free shipping.

Minnie Mouse Optical Mouse

Disney fans can pick up this Minnie Mouse USB optical mouse (opens in new tab) over on eBay for $5.29. Whether it's actually Disney-sanctioned is unknown (Ed.: doubtful, Kevin), the device has a surprisingly high resolution of 1,200 DPI and uses advanced optical technology for more quick and accurate movements.

With the standard two-button mouse wheel setup, this peripheral might actually be decent for casual gaming. With that said, it might be best to leave Minnie at home when you're lugging your rig to the next LAN party. Then again, it might actually be funny to see the look on everyone's face when you walk in with Minnie Mouse in hand. Just bring a more powerful, sleeker backup (or your four year-old daughter).

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  • ta152h
    That dead mouse is repulsive beyond belief. Killing something for that purpose is just wrong. Although, somehow feeding one to a snake seems OK. I might need therapy.

    The ugly hand would be kind of cool. I'd love to put one in my guest room, and have an unsuspecting guest come across that thing.

    Or get that metal one and stick it with an antique computer and tell kids that it was the standard mouse in "the bad old days" (not to mention we had to walk 18 miles to school and got donkey-kicked if we were late, etc...).
  • anamaniac
    eklipz330how come no one on this site ever says first? is this the only forum on the internet without any douschebags ?I've stopped myself a few times... Keep it at least semi professional (excluding the flame wars). Can't say for the ads though, I always use FF with AdBlock+.

    I think I'd bring the Minnie Mouse mouse to a LAN, just for the lulz.
    I'd also carry my full size black steel tower with backpack straps, turn it on, and show how loud enthusiast-class air cooling can be.

    I loved the first one (I'd put a nasty scorpion in it), and the grenade one. Be cool if the grenade mouse was two parts, one is a bluetooth receiver, and the other is the mouse, with the pin being set to a customizable command (such as, encrypt or destroy as many files as fast as possible because the FBI just knocked my door down).

    Lots of fail though.
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    number 19 looks like a dildo.. a lot where cute, though
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    A friend of mine has one of those Gun mouse(s). The extra weight kind of helps for the people that think that mouse are too light, the additional weight also helps avoid accidental mouse movement by just finger movement, but beyond that, it's just a novelty item.
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    wish they would sell the mouse mosue outright, i'm not quite ready to learn do-it-yourself taxidermy.
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    The first one is really cool!
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    Killing a mouse just for a novelty item is wrong.
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