Part 2: Kalinka! Modding Between Moscow And Siberia

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Igor Wallossek

Igor Wallossek is a Senior Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware DE. He tests and reviews CPUs, GPUs, games and headsets.

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  • Travis Beane
    18 and 19 were both amazing!
    I'd love to have that V8 revving up for me.

    And for 19, wow. Just wow. Is that the pinnacle of water cooling right there?
  • Randomacts
    12 is the best imo
  • ggman
    yea 19 and 20 are amazing, i really like the design
  • liquidsnake718
    #19 is Heavy duty. Looks much more hardware than that Coolmaster HAF. Looks like a stealth bomber.
  • nevertell
    Is 19's tubing all w/c ?
  • dEAne
    Really weird but very nice to see.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    8 is the nicest imo. I'd rather have straight lines though and no SLI logo though but still very nice.
  • Reynod
    These Ruskies are good.

    That wall coming down was just the best thing.

    If Phazotron - NIIR were to get into CPU cooling in the same way they competed with us years ago in terms of military radar tech ...

    Pity their fabs are not competitive ... but in terms of instrumentation / cooling / power engineering, they are right up there.

    Sorry for the shameless plug ...
  • NeeKo
    You did not put a lot of effort into the comments huh?

    And @ picture 6 Caption.. you sound very much american, the rest of the world never will.
  • NeeKo
    Edit button please!!

    AS for the mods .. they are all awesome!
  • ray-ng
    In Soviet Russia, computers mod you!
  • Reynod
    greg thats the whole point of modding ... a bit like customising your car.

    /mounts fluffy dice on monitor.
  • rambo117
    The first person shooter one was pretty cool, but these ones really weren't that impressive to me I guess...
  • fadetoblack
    no disrespect to the site (because it rocks), but tom's hardware has the worst image gallery i have ever seen. come on guys, it's 2010. you can come up with better user interaction design than this.
  • someguynamedmatt
    I swear, these two articles have made me want to go paint ATI CrossFire on the side of my case in big red letters...
  • 4ILY45
    #7 reminds me of the Borg Sphere..

  • elbert
    There are some nice mods here but the mini bike is best I have seen. I like the soccer ball the best from these mods.
  • demonhorde665
    ask me number 10 is the best , sure it's not the fanciest , or wildiest. but i hoenstly think that is waht makes it teh best , it's still practical for using in a home even an avaerage users home, yet it's got a clear theme that many gamers could love. i'm surprised some boutique builder hasn't already done cases just like it. i just can't picture many many other designs going over well with the majority of people (as far as actually sitting in thier home) the desogns are jsut too wild generally but number 10 is just awsome yet still practical in function.
  • slimbones
    Number 18 (the small block engine) is cool, but check out that microscopic monitor he's using. There's more bezel than screen!
  • theoutbound
    A lot of great mods but the soccer ball is my favorite. I've always wondered how you have enough room to work inside of some of these cases. I hate trying to install a stick of ram in a case that isn't roomy enough, let alone assemble an entire machine from scratch.