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Defender 410, A Sweet Star Wars: The Old Republic Case Mod

Top Panel: Wiring And Dome Cap

The dome gets wired with blue LEDs. Black tape is applied to the dome lighting to prevent light from leaking where the various parts connect. Now that the dome wiring is complete, a cover is fabricated, painted, and affixed to the dome.

Top Panel: Finishing Touches

Next, iBuyPower is painted white on the side of the top panel. The Aurebesh alphabet from the Star Wars universe is used instead of English. Finally, weathering paint is added to complete the top panel.

Defender 410: Left Panel

Creating the left side panel consists mostly of taping, engraving, and painting.

Left Panel: Paint, Blueprint, And Tape

First, a primer coat is applied and allowed to dry. Next comes the red base coat. A blueprint of the left side is created and the panel is taped in preparation for laser engraving.

Left Panel: Engraving The Insignia

Here is a shot of the laser engraver in action as it creates the Old Republic insignia.

Completed Left Panel

This is the finished left side (windowed) panel, waiting for its right side counterpart.

Defender 410: Right Panel

Now that the left panel is finished, the right panel is all that remains before we have a fully armed and operational Defender-Class Light Corvette case mod.

Right Panel: Sanding

The first step is to sand the side panels in preparation for the primer coat, and this is what happens when you take sandpaper to the side panel of a shiny new NZXT Phantom 410.

Right Panel: Blueprint, Engraving, And Paint

The right panel goes from a blueprint to the engraver, and then from taping to paint.

Completed Right Panel

And here is the end result of all that sanding, taping, engraving, priming, and painting.

  • hellfire24
    wow looking good.
  • jasont78
    i hate the fan on the back apart from that very nice
  • Cromat88
    Nice :D
  • memadmax
    Looks stupid.
    Can't even tell what its supposed to be.

    Paint by numbers?????
  • monsta
  • outlw6669
    Wow, that is a hell of a lot of effort for an awesome mod!
  • Pedrovsky
    It's a fancy looking horrible mod thats what it is...they just took a awesome looking case and transformed it into something you would never buy =S
  • sporkimus
    Extremely awesome! I love it!
  • The NZXT Phantom always looks like something from Star Wars. Perfect case for the SW mod.
  • horaciopz
    I love the exhaust engine at the back, looks awesome! But the color, that red its not that appealing... I would painted it in red a little more dark/opaque ... But it still looks pretty good...