Defender 410, A Sweet Star Wars: The Old Republic Case Mod

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  • hellfire24
    wow looking good.
  • jasont78
    i hate the fan on the back apart from that very nice
  • Cromat88
    Nice :D
  • memadmax
    Looks stupid.
    Can't even tell what its supposed to be.

    Paint by numbers?????
  • monsta
  • outlw6669
    Wow, that is a hell of a lot of effort for an awesome mod!
  • Pedrovsky
    It's a fancy looking horrible mod thats what it is...they just took a awesome looking case and transformed it into something you would never buy =S
  • sporkimus
    Extremely awesome! I love it!
  • Anonymous
    The NZXT Phantom always looks like something from Star Wars. Perfect case for the SW mod.
  • horaciopz
    I love the exhaust engine at the back, looks awesome! But the color, that red its not that appealing... I would painted it in red a little more dark/opaque ... But it still looks pretty good...
  • aidynphoenix
    Definitely looks like star wars, and its really cool. it just looks really fragile how they made it. especially using hot glue.
  • g-unit1111
    I'm definitely not the biggest fan of iBUYPOWER but I have to say this is pretty bad ass.
  • belardo
    How do you carry it?
  • dkcomputer
    I'll take the non-modified
  • hackwagon
    Wow. Thats awesome. Props to the ibuypower guys on this case mod. I love the wear and tear look of it. BTW Don't listen to these know-nothing haters who wouldn't recognize a well-done mod if it smacked them in the face. Great work!
  • Anonymous
    This is a case mod where one might like it or not. Personally I find it too tacky. The big fan at the back was the worst offender. Remove the silly attachment at the back and now we're talking!
  • homedawgg
    The mod was executed well, just designed poorly, IMHO. If you want real mods check out and the case mod blog. Bill does amazing work.
  • jamstrummer
    Cool :)
    Now if I could only get to make one related to the original trilogy
  • xizhuith
    You're on top of it.
  • teddymines
    I like it! Those complaining about the rear fan don't get the whole point: it is supposed to be a departure from the usual and look like some sort of functional power nacelle. I admire the design and effort, but have to wonder how fragile it is.