1.8" Hard Drives Hit 100 GB

Toshiba MK1011GAH - 100 GB

The MK1011GAH is Toshiba's latest 1.8" drive. While its data transfer rates scratch at the 30 MB/s mark, we found the minimum transfer rates to be more important: these improved from 11.7 MB/s with former Toshiba drives, to 13.6 MB/s. PCMark05 gives the drive the best performance numbers of all Toshiba models, but the interface bandwidth and access time aren't top of class. We found that this is the most energy-efficient 1.8" two-platter drive we've seen so far, as it require no more than 1.8 W at high activity, while most other 1.8" drives require at least 2 W for the job. At the same time, the idle power requirement stays at just 0.4 W.