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17" LCD Part IV: Six Panels With 16 And 20 ms


ModelQ17AS4314U TGLCD1760VPS-776DLM-1730VG170m
Price (US)$379$599$529$469$449$500
Price (Euro)€499€549€488€599€477€619
TechnologyTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + FilmTN + Film
Panel Manu.HyundaiHyundaiAU OptronicsAU OptronicsAU OptronicsAU Optronics
Response rate20 ms20 ms16 ms16 ms16 ms16 ms
Resolution1280 x 10241280 x 10241280 x 10241280 x 10241280 x 10241280 x 1024
Contrast ratio450:1500:1450:1350:1450:1450:1
Luminosity260 cd/m²230 cd/m²260 cd/m²200 cd/m²260 cd/m²280 cd/m²
Viewing anglevertical125°125°160°120°160°140°
Viewing anglehorizontal150°150°160°120°160°140°
ConnectivityD-Sub + DVID-SubD-SubD-Sub + DVID-SubD-Sub
Pivot functionnononononono
USB hubyessnononono

The test turned out to be a duel between the 20-ms monitors built around Hyundai panels and the 16-ms monitors with AU Optronics panels. For color quality in 6500 K and 5000 K as well as afterglow, Hyundai wins. Of the monitors with this panel, we preferred the Q17 for its price (lowest of all), warranty (the best) and ergonomics (the most complete).

But all these qualities are not enough. Check the manufacturer's policy with regard to dead pixels. An attractive monitor may have to be excluded in the end, owing to an inadequate warranty. Though their prices may be falling, these monitors still cost a lot, and at these prices, they should be great.