High-Capacity Business Hard Drives: Biggest Of The Bunch

Benchmark Results: Access Time And I/O Performance

Access Time

The new Western Digital RE4 drive reached a new record in average access time at only 14.0 ms. Faster drives run at faster spindle speeds. The new Barracuda LP is not bad either, at 14.9 to 15.4 ms, depending on the capacity. As you can see, Samsung’s EcoGreen drives aren’t the fastest when it comes to quick data access.

I/O Performance

It was obvious that Hitachi’s Deskstar E7K1000 would do well in this benchmark test, but it was interesting to see WD’s new RE4 drive performing so well, and even outperforming the faster spinning E7K1000 drive in all tests except the Web server run. The Barracuda LPs do well in this particular test as well.