VIA's DDR-Runner For Athlon - The Apollo KT266 Chipset


VIA's Apollo KT266 represented by MSI's K7T266 Pro will have to stick up against AMD's 760 (MSI K7Master-S) and VIA's own Apollo KT133A in form of Asus' A7V133. What we would like to see is that VIA's new chipset is clearly able to beat its older sibling KT133A and that it is able to at least reach the performance of AMD's 760 chipset.

There is enough criticism of DDR-memory already, because even AMD's 760 chipset is not able to provide the expected major performance boost over SDR-SDRAM solutions such as Apollo KT133A. VIA's own Athlon-DDR solution cannot really afford to be slower than AMD's chipset, because the least a user deserves to gain from DDR-memory is the 5-10% performance increase provided by AMD760.

ALi's MaGiK1 chipset has already been the first DDR-flop, which justifies its continued existence only with the marketing-effect of the magic term 'DDR', but certainly not with any respectable performance. We don't want to see another flop, especially not produced by one of the biggest supporters of 'TeamDDR'.

Benchmark Setup

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SystemVIA Apollo KT266AMD 760VIA Apollo KT133A
ProcessorAthlon 'C' 1.33 GHz, overclocked to 1.466 GHz
MotherboardMSI MS-6380"K7T266 Pro", rev. 1.0Pre-Release BIOSMSI MS-6341"K7 Master-S", rev. 0DPre-Release BIOSAsus A7V133, rev. 1.01BIOS 1004
Memory256 MB Infineon PC2100 DDR-SDRAM, CL2, Setting CL 2, 4-way Interleave256 MB Micron/Crucial PC2100 DDR-SDRAM, CL2, Setting 8-8-5-2-2-2-2256 MB Micron/Crucial PC133 SDRAM, CL2, Setting 2-2-2
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce 2 Ultra Reference Card, 64 MB, Driver 6.67 (Win98/Win2k)
Hard DriveIBM DTLA-307075, 75 GB, 7200 RPM, ATA100, FAT32 Win98, NTFS Win2k
Desktop Resolution for BAPCo's Sysmark 2000 and Webmark20011024x768x16x85
Quake 3 ArenaRetail Versionno sound
Unreal TournamentVersion 4.28 (patched)no sound
EvolvaRolling Demo v1.2 Build 944Standard command line = -benchmarkBump Mapped command line = -benchmark -dotbump
3D Mark 2000Build 335, Default Benchmark
SiSoft Sandra StandardVersion 2001
Desktop Resolution for SPECviewperf 6.1.21280x1024x32x85
FlasK SettingsVideo Codec: DivX 3.11 alpha, Fast-Motion, keyframe every 10 seconds, compression 100, data rate 910 kbpsAudio Codec: audio not processedVideo Resolution: 720x480, 29.97 fps, interlacedResizing: Nearest Neighbor