More Than A SoundBlaster

UT Bench

After looking at the Quake III performance graphs, I felt we needed to make sure that our 3D audio performance numbers were good. I chose to use UTBench to verify this. Unreal Tournament Benchmark Utility is able to give us some additional insight to the 3D performance of each card.

The demos were run using the standard Unreal Tournament settings in the 1024x768 resolution using the 32bit color mode. For reference purposes, when running the benchmark with no sound card installed, the system ran at 45.07 average frames per second. With the sound card installed, no sound card was able to beat our UTBench base line score of 45.07 average frames per second. When the 3D sound mode was engaged the frames per second took another performance hit, but on some cards, not as much as might be expected. When looking at the performance graphs, scores closest to our base line score of 45.07 are better.