Addendum to Banshee, Savage3D and TNT Preview


My preview of Banshee, Savage3D and RIVA TNT was causing quite a stir, just the way I love it. I would like to let you know what happened since I published this article 3 days ago.


I'm still waiting impatiently for the promised 16 MB Voodoo Banshee reference card to arrive. As soon as it's here I will test it and publish the new results. Please consider that Banshee's results will improve with newer drivers and particularly with Glide 3.0. It's not only the other chips that will show better results in the future.


The 16 MB Millennium G200 is on its way over here. Matrox didn't want to send me a 8 MB card, they prefer supplying me with the best they have. That's why the G200 results were missing in the preview article, I will include them once the Millennium is here.


Well, the rumors about only one texture pipeline in the upcoming RIVA TNT are thank God untrue. NVIDIA is still convinced that TNT once it comes out will run at more than 100 MHz, it will have two texture pipelines and it will perform better than anything else.