Is Ageia's PhysX Failing?

Cell Factor Videos, Continued

We could not run the explosion on the second deck benchmark, as proximity to the tunnel cloth made this impossible to benchmark without the PhysX card and while working in software mode.

Here you can see the mayhem that ensues when we get close to the tunnel with strips of fabric dangling from the top of the tunnel entrance.

The last thing we went to test was the fluids, with and without the PhysX card. This beguiled us, as the fluid would not flow out of the barrels while in software mode, even though the release 36 notes clearly state that fluids will work in software mode. Below is a set of videos showing what we should have expected.

Here you can see that fluid flows out of the barrels when they are shot once. For the third barrel, we deliberately shot it twice in a row to show that this will cause the fluid to explode.

As you can see from the video, the barrels can be shot once but no fluid flows out of them. The third barrel with multiple shots explodes. Clearly this is opposite to what was stated in the release notes.