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Imitation To Innovation: AMD's Best CPUs

AMD Clones Intel

The year is 1981, and Intel (see our history of Intel processors from a few months back) has just been chosen by IBM to supply the processor for the first personal computer. IBM wanted at least two CPU suppliers for its PC, and forced Intel to license its technology. And so it was that AMD became one of the first companies to sell an 8086 clone. AMD’s first processor went on sale in 1982. Because it was a licensed processor, the AMD 8086 (and 8088) was identical to Intel’s model.

Code name?
Date released1982
Data bus16-bits
Address bus20-bits
Maximum memory1 MB
L1 cacheno
L2 cacheno
Clock frequency5-10 MHz
FSBsame as clock frequency
Fabrication process3,000 nm
Number of transistors29,000
Power consumption?
Voltage5 V
Die surface area16 mm²
Connector40 pins

Note the “© Intel” on the processor, made by AMD.