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Imitation To Innovation: AMD's Best CPUs

Am386: A 40-MHz 386

In 1991, AMD released its 386 processor. Like its predecessors, this model was identical to the Intel versions. AMD was licensed to produce clones of Intel products, right down to the microcode (the CPU’s firmware). This processor had two notable features. First, it was faster than the Intel model—40 MHz compared to a top speed of 33 MHz at Intel—and it was the first to sport the Windows Compatible logo on the package.

Code name?
Date released1991
Data bus32-bits
Address bus32-bits
Maximum memory4,096 MB
L1 cacheno
L2 cacheno
Clock frequency12-40 MHz
FSBsame as clock frequency
Fabrication process1,500 - 1,000 nm
Number of transistors275,000
Power consumption2 W (33 MHz)
Voltage5 V
Die surface area42 mm²
Connector132 pins