Better With Time? The A8-3870 And Pentium G630, One Year Later

Benchmark Results: 3ds Max, Adobe Acrobat, Fritz, And PCMark

3ds Max runs a bit slower on AMD's updated system, but the difference is within the margin of error. Nevertheless, the A8 wins thanks to its four cores operating in parallel.

Creating a complex document in Adobe’s Acrobat X has always been faster on Intel's systems thanks to its single-threaded nature. Consistently, the most efficient architecture wins.

Fritz is a chess-based metric able to tax all of the x86 cores in your desktop. Naturally, then, AMD's quad-core A8-3870 has little trouble outperforming Intel's dual-core Pentium G630.

We also ran Futuremark’s PCMark 7, which measures performance in applications built into Windows 7, returning a synthetic score. Although Intel's advantage is quantifiable, both platforms finish this one fairly close together.