AMD Releases Duron 900

New Duron 900 - An Inexpensive Upgrade Solution

Today AMD launched a new flagship in the company's value segment, the Duron 900 processor, which is now officially available for $129 in 1K units. The actual street price will probably be around $90-110, just as Duron 850 (official pricing $111) is currently available for $70-100. With Duron 900 AMD is taking another logical step closer to realizing gigahertz performance in the low-cost segment. Duron 900 marks another new price/performance record in the history of microprocessors. You were never before able to purchase so much computing power for so little money.

This is particularly good news for people who want to upgrade their systems while being tied to a small budget. A motherboard with VIA's Apollo KT133 chipset can be purchased for way less than $100 today, so that you can upgrade to a new well-performing platform for less than $200. You just keep your existing (AGP) graphics card, can continue using your PC100 (or even better PC133) SDRAM and all the other components found in your old system.