The New Arms Race: DDR3-1800 RAM

OCZ DDR3 PC3-14400 Platinum Edition (OCZ3P180002GK)

OCZ’s PC3-14400 Platinum Edition looks less sophisticated than the Dominator DIMMs, appearing much like a regular memory product, but it comes with the extraordinary mesh design heat spreader. This product is specified at CL8-8-8-24 timings at DDR3-1800 speeds, which is slightly more relaxed when compared to Corsair’s offering. It’s important to note that OCZ specifies its DIMMs for 1.95 V, while Corsair goes for 2.0 V. As a result, the sample we received still has a little overclocking margin, as we could run it at up to DDR3-1900 speed and 2.15 V for over two hours running memory intensive applications without any issues. Wesley Fink at AnandTech already reported having exceeded DDR3-2000, which definitely wasn’t possible with our sample and/or on our test rig. In this case the Core 2 Duo E6750, which we purchased, might be the bottleneck. It was interesting to see that this retail processor provided a better overclocking margin than other Core 2 processor samples we had received from Intel.