The New Arms Race: DDR3-1800 RAM

SPD Programming

OCZ’s SPD is programmed at CL7 timings for DDR3-1333 speeds, CL6 for up to 571 MHz (DDR3-1142) and CL5 for 476 MHz (DDR3-952). Compared to the timings at DDR3-1800 speed, OCZ provides tighter settings at lower speeds than the Corsair DIMMs.

Gimme More ! DDR3-1900

The Corsair Dominator DDR3-1800 DIMMs did not want to be overclocked. We tried increments of 50 MHz, as you won’t really notice any change smaller than that. OCZ’s PC3-14400 Platinum Edition reached DDR3-1900 speed reliably, but at an increased voltage of 2.15 V. That’s already quite a lot for a memory technology laid out for 1.5 V and specified for an already tough 1.95 V.

This setting didn’t run reliable anymore.