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Asus AGP-V6800 Deluxe and Creative Labs Annihilator Pro Review

Benchmark Results - Descent 3 DirectX

Descent 3 at this resolution isn't giving most of the boards any problems. We see that the GeForce cards are still tied up top while the G400 MAX and VD3 3500 aren't too far behind. The S2000 managed to score a decent result but it pales when compared to any of the other cards in its class.

The V6800 once again is showing us that it has a performance advantage over the Annihilator thanks to the drivers. You'll notice the competition has dropped off considerably from the other chipsets.

Here we have the V6800 once again pulling into the lead as the Annihilator comes up short. The remaining cards have trouble keeping in the same ballpark as the fill-rate demands increased.