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Asus AGP-V6800 Deluxe and Creative Labs Annihilator Pro Review

Benchmark Results - Shogo

Here we have both GeForce boards sticking side by side as they maintain a nice lead in front of the other chipsets. Obviously all the cards perform well enough at this mode but we're still in a really low resolution. Remember, at low resolution, fill-rate isn't a factor and the performance is much more limited by the platform performance.

The Asus V6800 has taken a slight lead over the Annihilator Pro but we are likely seeing this due to the Asus board having the driver built on a later reference driver.

The V6800 maintains a 5% lead over the Annihilator while they both stomp on the other cards. The VD3 3500 played the demo back but missing most of the textures so the score was defaulted to a 0.