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Asus AGP-V6800 Deluxe and Creative Labs Annihilator Pro Review


Asus is offering a nice package in the AGP-V6800 as it has GeForce DDR performance, dependable quality, video in/out and ships with good drivers/utilities. However, if you want this excellent package, you're going to pay for what you get. At nearly $300, the card comes at a premium cost when the price is compared to other GeForce DDR cards. The video in feature is where most would decide between this fine card and the less expensive alternatives.

Creative Labs supplies consumers with a basic GeForce DDR board that performs just as good as they come while also offering a few interesting utilities and drivers on their website. The biggest drawback is the lack of video in/out support. Bar that drawback, it's hard to ignore going with the Annihilator Pro for the killer price.

For me the biggest factors in choosing the best GeForce card are pretty basic. I want the best performance for a good price. I'm not really into using video on my machine for anything. Pairing the reference NVIDIA drivers with any of the boards we have reviewed in the past will give you the best performance and stability you can get so software isn't an issue. With this in mind and the latest street prices, my current choice for best GeForce board would be the Creative Labs Annihilator Pro. With the ability to have the best performance available at a mere $239 and the option to use Creative's various utilities, I find the Annihilator Pro to be an excellent bargain. Let's hope that we see the same type of competition around when the NV15 series (the upcoming graphics chipset from NVIDIA) comes out, as it will greatly benefit consumers.