The Athlon Cooler Cometh at 2.8 GHz and Below Zero Cool

Chipsets For Athlon 64

The Prometeia system is based on the tried-and-true Asus SK8N and is fitted with the Nvidia NForce-3/150 chipset.

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NorthbridgeALi M1687Nvidia Nforce 3/150SiS 755VIA K8T800
Hyper Transport Clock Speed800 MHz600 MHz600 MHz800 MHz
Uplink16 Bit (3.2 GB/s)16 Bit (2.4 GB/s)16 Bit (2.4 GB/s)16 Bit (3.2 GB/s)
Downlink16 Bit (3.2 GB/s)8 Bit (1.2 GB/s)8 Bit (1.2 GB/s)16 Bit (3.2 GB/s)
CPU/Northbridge Bandwidth6.4 GB/s3.6 GB/s3.6 GB/s6.4 GB/s

Prometeia Control Center 1.22

The so-called Control Center has been updated (current version 1.22) - the functionality provided is identical to previous variants tested by us

Booting procedure set-up: Start only when the temperature has reached -33°C

Prevention of over-heating - well-nigh impossible in practice: shut-down temperature