Athlon64 Boards Found Lagging in Memory Support

Result: 3 Out Of 10 Boards Pass The Test

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MotherboardBIOSMemoryTimingsVoltageTest Result
Asus K8VVIA K8T8001003 BETA 17 (10/24/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-82.5-5-5-82.5-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 Vokokok
Biostar K8VHA PronForce 3 150VHA1001 BV ProtakeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-83.0-4-4-73.0-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 Vokokok
Chaintech ZNF3-150nForce 3 150(10/29/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-83.0-4-4-73.0-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 Vokokok
Epox EP-8HDA3+VIA K8T800(09/29/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-8- 3.0-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 Vfatal errorcrashok
Gigabyte GA-K8VNXPVIA K8T800F3 (11/14/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-83.0-4-4-73.0-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 Vcrashokfatal error
Gigabyte GA-K8NNXPnForce 3 150M15 (10/17/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-83.0-4-4-73.0-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 Vcrashokfatal error
MSI K8T NeoVIA K8T800V1.1 (10/24/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-8- 3.0-3-3-142.6 V- 2.6 Vokno bootingok
Shuttle AN50RnForce 3 150AN50S00Y (10/30/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-83.0-4-4-7-2.6 V2.6 V-okokno booting
Soyo CK8 Dragon PlusnForce 3 150CK8-2BA1R (11/12/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-83.0-4-4-73.0-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 Vokokfatal error
Abit KV8-MAX3VIA K8T800(11/27/2003)takeMSCorsairInfineon2.5-3-3-83.0-4-4-73.0-3-3-82.6 V2.6 V2.6 VOKOKfatal error

Only three out of ten boards ran perfectly with all their equipment. Asus made a slight slip, as the DIMMs from Corsair were operated a lot more slowly than was necessary. In the case of Epox, the Corsair modules led to a total crash during the Prime95 torture test. MSI had no reason to rest on its laurels either, as these modules didn’t work at all on the K8T Neo, whereas the Infineon DIMMs could only be started up at an inacceptably slow pace.

With the Infineon modules there was a torrent of errors in Prime95 with the boards from Abit, Gigabyte and Soyo. The board from Shuttle didn’t even want to boot anymore with this memory.

There are only two boards which gave no cause for complaint when equipped with two DIMMs, namely the K8VHA Pro from Biostar and Chaintech’s TNF3-150. The fact that both use the nForce3 chip set is not very important in this connection - the manufacturers still have some catching up to do where memory support’s concerned.