Athlon64 Boards Found Lagging in Memory Support

Test System

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AMD Processors (Socket 754)
200 MHz FSB (SINGLE DDR400)Athlon64 3200+ (2000 128/1024 kB)
DDR400 (200 MHz)1 x 512 MB / 5ns / 64 Bit (Corsiar)CMX512-3200LL (CL 2.0-3-2-6)
DDR400 (200 MHz)2 x 512 MB / 5ns / 64 Bit (TakeMS)MS64D64020U-5
Common Hardware
Sound CardTerratec Aureon 7.1 Space96.00 kHz sample rate
Graphics CardMSI FX5900U-VTD256GPU: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 UltraMemory: 128 MB DDR-SDRAMMemory Clock: 620 MHz (256 Bit)Chip Clock: 325 MHz
Hard DriveFastTrak S150 TX2plus (Bios: x SATA Maxtor 6Y080M0 (Raid 0)80 GB / 8 MB Cache / 7200 rpm
Nvidia nForceNvidia V2.45
Nvidia GraphicDetonator V 45.23
VIA K8T800V 14.49
DirectXVersion: 9a
OSWindows XP, Build 2600 SP1

A quick note referring to the drivers is required here, as you may have taken notice of the NVIDIA drivers which are not the latest releases. Benchmarks for the initial Athlon 64 motherboard review were finished in November last year, while these two newcomers were added shortly after, which is why we decided to keep our setup.