ATi's X800 Pulls Off Another Coup in the Graphics Performance War

ATi High Definition Gaming

Screenshots from ATi's new X800 techdemos called DoubleCross. Say hello to Ruby!

In the world of television, there is a movement towards HDTV, or "high definition television," meaning TV signals with a higher resolution. It only seems logical, then, to transfer this hype to computer gaming as well. That's why ATi's new cards do everything in HD now - SmartShader HD, Smoothvision HD and Hyper Z HD. Translated from market speak back to English, this means that the X800 is able to offer all visual improvements and effects, including FSAA, anisotropic filtering and shader calculations, even in the highest resolutions. Additionally, more polygons, more complex shaders and new shader effects can now be rendered, thanks to the more powerful processing power.

Above, an ATI demo demonstrates Subsurface Scattering. This adds a kind of self-illumination to objects, influenced by the surrounding lights.

In the following are some more screenshots of ATI's DoubleCross Demo, which tells a little story.