ATI's Crossfire Xpress 3200 Chipset Takes Off

The Test Bed: RD480, RD580, nForce4 SLI, nForce 4 SLI X16

In order to provide an in-depth analysis and extensive comparison between the new ATI chipset, its predecessor and the competition, we picked four different Asus motherboards to represent the four products. The benchmark section includes overclocking tests with the dual x16 platforms. It also compares dual graphics scaling with mid-range graphics cards, both with and without Crossfire cable or SLI connector, as appropriate.

Asus A8R-MVP (Radeon Xpress 200 XFE)

The Asus A8R-MVP is a good choice to represent the Radeon Xpress 200 Crossfire Edition chipset (RD480).