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AVADirect's W860CU: Mobility Radeon HD 5870 Vs. GeForce GTX 285M

Benchmark Results: Encoding

All the proof we need to show that mobile Core i7 and desktop Core i7 parts have identical clock-for-clock performance can be found in Apple’s iTunes, where single-threading allows Intel Turbo Boost to push both processors to the same 3.06 GHz top speed.

The lower non-turbo speed of the mobile Core i7-820QM is going to affect anyone who relies on a portable device for running well-threaded applications like HandBrake.

Seeking to get the most from our own hardware, we’ve constantly improved our benchmark suites to take advantage of all of our CPU cores. This effort reflects heavily on Intel's latest mobile processors, which employ lower stock clocks to keep thermal output in check.