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Barton's Here: Athlon XP 3000+ vs. P4 3.06 GHz

Mp3 Makers Platinium

Pinnacle Studio 8.3.18

With 243.8 seconds, the AMD Athlon XP 3000+ was somewhat slower at creating an MPEG-2 film using Pinnacle Studio 8.3.18 than the higher-clocked AMD Athlon XP 2800+, which scored 239.6 seconds. The only thing that counts in this test is the clock speed, putting the overclocked Athlon with 2500 MHz at the head of the pack. The P4 at 3.06 GHz leads the factory-clocked PCs.

Main Concept 1.3

The Athlon XP 3000+ is an average performer in encoding DV video (1.2 GB) to MPEG-2 using the Main Concept Encoder. In other words, the enlarged L2 cache doesn't appear to have any impact at all, while encoding speed depends directly on CPU clock speed. The P4 gets a considerable boost from the HT optimizations. But it's the Main Concept that shines as an outstanding MPEG-2 encoder, no matter what CPU you have!