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Barton's Here: Athlon XP 3000+ vs. P4 3.06 GHz

3D Rendering: Cinema 4D XL 8.001

What a scenario - the Athlon XP 3000+ trails the higher-clocked XP 2800+! Their scores differ by six seconds, putting the model rating in a very dubious light. The crème de la crème is the P4 at 3.06 GHz, although the overclocked Barton is also a real powerhouse.

3D Rendering: 3D Studio Max 5.1

In this benchmark, the "Dragon_Charater_rig" scene was calculated with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The Athlon XP overclocked at 2500 MHz really shines here, thrusting the Intel P4 3.06 GHz into the shadows. It manages 92 seconds compared to the P4's 94 seconds. The tables are turned when it comes to the factory-set CPUs, though. The Athlon XP 3000+ is slower than the XP 2800+, while the P4 takes the lead.