Battle of the Titans 2: Creative Labs's Annihilator 2 vs. Absolute Multimedia's Outrageous GeForce2 GTS


A few months have whizzed by since the initial release of NVIDIA's flagship chip, the GeForce2 GTS (or GF2), and the various brands of GF2 have flooded their ways into the market since our initial GF2 round up . The barrage of choices that consumers are hit with can be very intimidating when looking to buy a GF2.

To simplify things for you, we've gathered the analysis from our previous reviews and combined them together while adding another two boards to the fray. We'll take a peek at the up to date costs, features, performance and availability. You'll obviously get the scoop on the "extras" like overclockability, BX compatibility and driver functionality of each contender that you won't usually find window-shopping. With that being said, let's begin the review.