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Who's Got Game? Twelve Sub-$200 CPUs Compared

Benchmark Results: Multitasking

Our multitasking test involves running the Metro 2033 benchmark during the creation of a RAR file. This might not be very real-world, but it should help show the benefit of a more parallelized processor beyond simple gaming-only environments.

We all know that processes run in the background while we play our favorite shooters. Sometimes it's a Windows Defender scan; sometimes Windows Update decides to start downloading and installing patches. Either way, this little exercise should show us game performance while other tasks are going on in the background.

In the past, we used Crysis for this scenario, rather than Metro 2033. In those days, there was a notable difference between dual-core Hyper-Threaded Core i3 CPUs and triple- and quad-core models like the Athlon II.

Metro 2033 doesn’t seem to generate the same load as Crysis, which means that multi-core processors aren't taxed as intensively. Nevertheless, this is the one test where AMD's Phenom II X6 1075T stretches its legs a little, matching performance with the Core i5-2300 and -2400.