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Who's Got Game? Twelve Sub-$200 CPUs Compared

Benchmark Results: F1 2010

So far, all of our benchmarks have exposed limitations of our GeForce GTX 480 before falling over the value-oriented processors we're trying to road-test. F1 2010 is a different story entirely, though.

Apparently, this game is much more dependent on a capable CPU, despite its DirectX 11 engine, which is closely related to DiRT 2. The triple-core Athlon II X3 struggles, but the quad-core Athlon II X4 delivers much more compelling performance, running alongside the pricier Phenom II X4 models. The Clarkdale-based Core i3s stand toe-to-toe with the Phenoms, too.

This situation makes the Phenom II X6 1075T results stand out, as the processor delivers sub-par performance here. It doesn't make sense that the CPU with the most cores in the roundup musters the second-worst achievement in the roundup. When we took a closer look at this situation we found that disabling two of the 1075T's CPU cores resulted in better performance on par with the Phenom II X4. We've duplicated this odd result on two of our test systems, so it appears that F1 2010 has an issue with AMD's hexacore models.

In any case, the Sandy Bridge-based processors undeniably stand out in this benchmark, with the dual-core i3s easily besting AMD’s premium quad-core models.