Black Beauty: AOpen AX6BC Pro II Millennium Edition

Could a motherboard ever become the object of a certain fascination? Of course there are legendary ones, e.g. the Asus P55T2P4 , which introduced the era of bus speed overclocking some years ago, or the ABit LX6 , which was pretty close to reach 100 MHz system speed for the first time.

Today it's extremely difficult to develop products, which really differentiate from others. Lots of expansion slots are normal, overclocking features have become standard, and additional hardware often drives the price of the motherboard up, without really being required by the user.

It's difficult to create a motherboard that makes the user feel that he's got something special. AOpen uses a for motherboards rather unconventional way to ensure uniqueness of its AX6BC Pro II ME.


AOpen AX6BC Pro II Millennium Edition
Format/Socket ATX/Slot-1
Chipset Intel 82440BX
AGP 2x
PCI Slots 6 Masters
ISA Slots -
DIMM Sockets 3 (max. 768 MByte)
I/O 2x serial, 1x parallel, 2x USB
FSB Speeds 66, 68, 75, 83, 100, 103, 112, 117, 124, 129, 133, 138, 143, 148, 153 MHz
Vcore adjustable Yes (1.3 - 3.5 V)
CPU Support Pentium II/III, Celeron
Other Features Wake on LAN, Wake On Ring, Wake On Keyboard, IrDA port
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