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Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

3D Prophet II GTS Drivers, Continued

The settings for the OpenGL APIs are exemplary. At this point we must compliment nVidia on the clean drivers. Users of professional OpenGL applications will also find drivers for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 at nVidia. Under Window 9x the OpenGL interface is mostly just used for appropriate games like Quake.

The overlay color controls are quite confusing for newcomers. After all, there are already similar controls for color correction. Only a few of you will need this neat additional feature.

This is were it gets interesting for overclocking cracks. These controls let the user overclock the card mercilessly. The card stalled at 265 MHz for the graphics chip and 425 MHz for the memory clock - Hercules obviously exaggerated a little bit. At least the card resets to the standard settings after a crazy overclocking attempt. We will discuss the realistic overclocking settings later on in this article.

Most modern monitors retrieve the maximum picture refresh rates automatically. Usually the user does not need to fiddle with these settings. However, for certain displays, like our liyama Vision Master 510 Pro, you should rather install the INF update that you can get from the homepage of the manufacturer.