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Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

OpenGL-Performance: Quake 3 Arena, Continued

Let's now increase the complexity with the NV15Demo, that can be downloaded from (opens in new tab) . This demo supposedly uses the T&L features of the GeForce chips. However, the frame rates of 30 fps and less are not very satisfying. At least the details in this demo are impressive.

Again, the same demo - only with high-quality settings. We actually did expect a larger performance delta between 16 and 32 bit - just as in Demo001. Nevertheless, the performance results are far from optimal. We discovered that the T&L characteristics of the GeForce2 GTS are not utilized to the full extend here, as indicated by the low frame rates. There is a small trend, though: the 3D Prophet II is always in first place.