British Understatement: 3Dlabs' Wildcat VP Put To The Performance Test

Ingredients: The Test Configuration

Workstation Dell Precision 340
Processor Intel Pentium 4 2.53 GHz
Front Side Bus 133 MHz Quad Pumped
Motherboard Dell Precision 340 Motherboard
Chipset Intel 850E / Tehama (Dual Channel)
Memory PC800 RDRAM 40ns Samsung
Hard Drive Maxtor 4D040H2 (5400rpm) für OS
Fujitsu MAN3184MC/MP (18.4 GB 10,025rpm) for Benchmark-Applications
SCSI-Controller Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra160/m PCI SCSI card
Network Integrated 3Com 10/100mbps 3C905C
Drivers and Software
3Dlabs Wildcat VP Cards v0392 for Standard-Apps, v0402 for 3ds max
ATI FireGL 8800/8700 v3036
PNY NVIDIA Quadro4 & QuadroDCC series v2980, Maxtreme v6.02 (3ds max)
Desktop Resolution 1280x1024x32, Vsync=off für alle OpenGL-Tests
OS Windows 2000 Professional SP2
Viewperf (synthetisch) 512 MB SPECopc Viewperf 7.0
Solidworks (Application) 512 MB SPECapc Solidworks 2001Plus benchmark
3D Studio Max (Application) 1024 MB SPECapc 3DSMAX 4.2 Benchmark
Solidedge (Application) 1024 MB SPECapc Solidedge V11 benchmark

Because the application benchmarks 3D Studio Max and Solidedge gobble up resources, we tested them with 1024 MB main memory. The synthetic benchmark Viewperf 7.0 and the application benchmark Solidworks, on the other hand, were run with 512 MB system memory.

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