British Understatement: 3Dlabs' Wildcat VP Put To The Performance Test

3D Studio Max 4.2 (application)

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The benchmark for 3D Studio Max offers a balanced distribution of wireframe models and texture/ shading display. All test candidates had to show what they're made of. We test under quality settings only. The "Performance" setting impinges on picture quality and is not explored here. Note that since our last test, Preview of the New OpenGL Chips - Radeon 8800 vs. Quadro4 750XGL , the SPEC organization has changed the specifications of reference machines so a direct comparison is no longer possible. To keep up to date, we work with the latest version of the benchmark script.

In the subtest for graphics performance, NVIDIA's Quadro4 900XGL flexes its muscles, relegating the Wildcat VP970 to second place. In the main, this is achieved by the Quadro4's excellent texture performance.

For the user, however, it's the benchmark's total run time that is the deciding factor. It shows how much of the graphics driver's resources are demanded by the other components of a PC system. Despite the early stage of its drivers, 3Dlabs delivers quality and can once again mount the victor's podium.

Uwe Scheffel