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AMD's Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition

End Of The Line At 3.40 GHz

We continued to increase the core voltage, first to 1.475 V and then to 1.500 V.

We were able to boot the system at 3.40 GHz without a problem, and even run several benchmarks, but not all of them. At this speed, Prime95 - our standard when it comes to stability tests - would not complete its test run without errors.

If you use a water-cooling system, you may be able to reach higher frequencies still, since the core temperature is much lower than using normal air-cooling, giving the core a little more overclocking headroom.

A side view of the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition.

When we tried increasing the clock speed beyond 3.4 GHz, the system crashed immediately.

Since the front-side bus is not overclocked, the chipset does not require additional cooling.

As the final entry in our overclocking logbook, we present you with a table detailing the combinations of multipliers, voltages and memory speeds of our overclocking tests with the 5000+ Black Edition:

Overclocking Logbook
2.60 GHzStandardDDR2-74313x
3.10 GHzStandardDDR2-77515.5x
3.20 GHz1.400 VDDR2-80016x|
3.30 GHz1.450 VDDR2-73316.5x
3.40 GHz> 1.475 VDDR2-75517x

The last of the four Black Edition stickers.