Tom's Hardware's 2009 Gift Guide: Part 2, System Add-Ons
By: Ed Tittel

With 30" monitors still priced at $1,400 and up (in some cases, way up), PC aficionados in need of lots of screen real estate might consider purchasing a couple of quality 24" monitors instead.

With just about every graphics cards able to handle at least a pair of digital display outputs with ease these days, working with two 24" screens is just a matter of hooking them up to your graphics card’s single- or dual-link DVI ports, and then extending the desktop from whichever screen takes the primary position to include the secondary. From there, you’re ready to enjoy more room to work than you'd otherwise get from a pricier 30" model.

And with a list price of $599 (currently on sale for $529) buying a pair of Dell U2410 monitors will set you back at least $100 less than the least-expensive 30" models, $200 less than the UltraSharp 3007WFP, and $500 less than an UltraSharp 3008WFP (though it's hard to deny the sexiness of the 3008WFP, too).

When it comes to speeds and feeds, the U2410 is no slouch, though. In addition to its 1920x1200 resolution, it also offers a 1,000:1 contrast ratio with 400 cd/m2 brightness and a 178° viewing angle (horizontal and vertical). 

With 12-bit-per-pixel capability, this monitor supports 1.07 billion colors and 110% of the CIE 1976 color gamut, for vibrant color and saturation (it also delivers 96% of Adobe RGB coverage, and 72% of NTSC with 100% coverage). A 6ms response time (gray to gray) ensures entirely tolerable gaming or fast motion video performance. A broad range of graphics presets (Standard, Multimedia, Game, Warm, Cool, Adobe RGB, and SRGB, plus Custom) and Video presets (Movie, Game, and Nature) make it easy to tweak the color balance for optimal viewing, and controls for hue, sharpness, and color saturation also help to make detailed calibration relatively straightforward.

The unit is fully HD- and Blu-ray-capable, with DVI-D and HDCP, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports at its disposal. In addition, the U2410 also offers a built-in USB 2.0 hub with 4 downstream USB ports, plus a media card reader that handles xD Picture, MMC, SD/SDHC, and Sony Memory Stick memory cards.

The monitor is nicely packaged, with a broad stable base for its height-adjustable pedestal: it also swivels 70° right or left and tilts up to 25° back from the vertical axis. This is a sweet, affordable monitor. One is good, but two would be great for anybody trying to maximize viewable screen area without spending oodles of cash to do so.

Chris' Take: I've been running three of these displays in Eyefinity since ATI launched its Radeon HD 5870 and they're by far the nicest 24" LCDs to come through my lab. If you're looking for a display to give (whether to yourself or someone else) this holiday season, the U2410 gets a thumbs-up.

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  • DjEaZy
    ... interesting... it is very hard to read the descriptions or look on the products... i wonder why... [?]
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    That dress is cute!
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    presidenteodyi need a napkin

  • tortnotes
    And here I was hoping we could all be mature enough to act normally if--gasp!--there are photos of a woman.

  • tacoslave
    ok some troll went through all of our comments and by the way @presidentteody come on this is toms not fapfest 09 holiday edition! Leave the immaturity to the Apple fanboys!
  • jebusv20
    tomshardware, a forum for men.

    with heads below the belt
  • The Lady Slayer
    "PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ) is likely the most respected name in PC power supplies."

    Only if you've never heard of Corsair.
  • xaira
    was she really the best they could do?
  • nlcbryan
    oh my..i think i've been living in a hole or something. When i saw how they described the ZuneHD functionality, im horror struck! All in the small thing? even 10hrs ?? wow im amazed..
  • Gedoe_
    +1 for using the same cute girl as last year (apparently your still together)
  • cangelini
    gedoe_+1 for using the same cute girl as last year (apparently your still together)

    Hehe, last year Alicia, my wife, was in the gift guide. This year it's Sarah, who has done these since, I think, like 2005?
  • Harby
    The Lady Slayer"PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ) is likely the most respected name in PC power supplies."Only if you've never heard of Corsair.

    Actually, Corsair is better only if you've never heard of PCP&C. Unless you need modular bling crap that shoot lasers and whatnot.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Does the Dell U2410 monitor have an IPS panel?
  • cknobman
    maybe im in the minority here but the girl just dosnt do that much for me. Dont get me wrong shes not ugly or anything but just not my cup of tea.

    As for the zune description....very impressive :)
  • Or you could get a 27 inch LG for 200 bucks cheaper.
  • bill gates is your daddy
    I was going to add $0.02 and make some lurid comment about wanting Sarah to pose with my USB stick so I could take pictures and post on the interwebs but then I noticed something.

    How many pictures did this poor girl have to pose for? By the end of the photoshoot did you at least get her drunk for her troubles?
  • tamalero
    The Lady Slayer"PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ) is likely the most respected name in PC power supplies."Only if you've never heard of Corsair.

    you're clearly a sad individual and dont know about real quality if you claim that Corsair is better than PC Power & cooling.
  • Actually, in the "low end" up to 850W Silencer series, Corsair and PC Power&Cooling uses the same parts look on reviews when they disassemble the PSUs both using Seasonic and Corsair is always cheaper so it is the way to go,I got a 850w 70amp/12v for the price of a 750 PC P&C and both offers 5 year of warranty. BUT if you want a 860w+ like the 1.2Kw PC Power&Cooling is the way to go(Better quality than the HX1000 from corsair) if you have the money. And the turbo cool series from PC P&C offers 7 years warranty.
  • I forgot to add the fan on the Corsairs vs PC P&C Silencer series, the corsairs 140mm which is much quieter than the Silencer series.The Turbo cool from pc p&c is 860w+
  • I frogot to add that I had both, the PC P&C was for my friend build nad I took the Corsair TX850
  • zelannii
    So really, how does the Netgear router stack up against an AirPort Extreme base station? I'd love to see how the 2 stack up against each other. I absolutely love My Airport...

    Also kinda surprised to see a 3/5 bay NAS reccomended when a qNap 4 bay is rock solid and offers much more for not much different pricing ($500-ish). The qNap not only has more external ports, the drives are hot swap, dynamic RAID migration and resize support, not just media servers but IP Video camera support, and about a dozen more features including a much more powerful CPU, more RAM, iSCSI support, torrent clients, and more, and it's a Linux OS.

    And $300 for a 1500VA UPS that only runs 3 minutes? TrippLite has 1500VAs that support 940w that have 7 and 8 minute full load run times for less than $50 more, and Tripplite is FAR better known in the power industry and back the units with better warranty. Most are also expandable. 3min is useless. Anything less than 10 minutes means I can't manually save out my work and safely shut down if I'm working on a large number of docs (which i often am) since i really want to wait 3 minutes to see if the power comes back on first before i START to shut down (same if it triggers auto-hibernate if I'm not around). I run 2 PCs and a server off my 2000AVR 1000w unit, plus all the wireless and powerline network gear. I'm drawing about 800w at load (but some of the equipment protected by it does not run off the bettery, like the 2nd and 3rd monitor on the desk, and ancillary parts and devices not necessary if the power's out) I have another 1500AV downstairs that keeps the router, VoIP device, and phone base station running for about a day without power.
  • logitic
    I don't know what products are being talked about here, but I do know I have a sudden craving for a candy cane!
  • ""PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ) is likely the most respected name in PC power supplies."

    Only if you've never heard of _Seasonic_."

    Fixed. :)