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No More Cable Clutter: Antec Neopower 480

Technical Data

ProductAntec NeoPower
Safety normsactive PFC, CE, FCC, EN61000-3-2
Overall performance480 Watts max
Protection mechanismsOver Current, Over Voltage, Over Power, Under Voltage, Short Circuit
Weight1.9 kg
Fan1x 120mm, temperature-controlled
Connectors1 x ATX, 1x 12 Volt, 1x FAN, 4x output
Cable1x motherboard ATX/WTX, 1 x 12V, 3x cables for peripheral devices, 1x cable for disk drives, 1x cable for S-ATA drives
Output Connectors
+ 3.3V30A
+ 5V38A
+ 12V18A + 15A
- 5V0.3A
- 12V1.0A
+ 5Vsb2.0A

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, Antec’s cable management will pave the way for other, similarly clever solutions down the road. The Neopower 480, which can be used universally, ensures that there is less cable clutter inside the case because peripheral connectors can be hooked up separately. Even PCI Express is factored in. Cables that you don’t need are not connected to the power supply in the first place. The Neopower boasts two separate +12 Volt rails to ensure a reliable power supply. Also, there are numerous additional safety switch circuits that are included to prevent power fluctuations and overloading.